Trinity Catholic School Parents speak on their family's experience...

“We have been parishioners of St. Christopher for years and I always commented on how the school reminded me of my grade school. We set up a tour and everyone was so welcoming. We already felt like a family ! Our son has told us multiple times that he loves Trinity and doesn’t want to go anywhere else. We live in Marysville and I will tell you, Trinity makes that drive worth it! To see the light in my son’s eyes when he talks about school each day warms my heart. We love the small, loving community that Trinity has created.”

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“Everyone is invested in the children’s education and ensuring the transition to Kindergarten is an enjoyable experience; from the principal and teachers to the cafeteria staff and volunteers.”

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“When it comes to education, a culture of expectations is of a paramount importance. Kindergarten teachers at Trinity Catholic School will slowly but surely, instill these values in your child in a fun and interactive atmosphere that stimulates his or her creativity. You will be amazed by how quickly your child becomes proficient in math and language arts, while building up important skills, such as respect of others, not interrupting classmates/teachers, taking turns, etc. Kids are of course exposed to the Catholic faith, which further develops their understanding of other ideas, such as helping, sharing, humility, and TRYING. Our son has blossomed into a confident and polite boy, already performing above his grade level. You can’t go wrong with Trinity Catholic School.”

“We couldn’t be happier with our daughter’s Kindergarten experience. A major deciding factor for us was the small classroom sizes and individual attention that we saw was given to the students of Trinity Elementary. We also loved the close community/family feeling we got when we looked at Trinity. I also graduated from Trinity myself and wanted to give me daughter the same advantages I felt I had by attending. After these short few months of attending Trinity, we are shocked, thrilled, and so thankful for the progress that our daughter has made!”

“We were attracted to Trinity at first because it’s a small school. We fell in love with it after our son attended for a few days. It seemed like everyone knew our son’s name and called him by it when they said hello--it’s pretty cool when a sixth or seventh grader is greeting your kindergarten child by name. It goes a long way into making a little guy away from home and doing something new feel better. The way Kindergarten is broken up into two classes lets each child get a lot of individual attention, and our son has benefited greatly from that both academically and socially. His teachers have been awesome and with the Dojo app they’re using, you get an idea of what’s going on and how your child is doing throughout the day. Watching some of the videos and hearing how happy the children are as well as the sheer joy in the teacher’s laugh or voice while they’re recording will make your day a little brighter. The principal leads the school in the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and also recognizes the children who have birthdays that day, another feel good for the child. It’s been a great choice for us.”

“Trinity has a wonderful community and it really does feel like family. I love the small class sizes: I can tell it has benefited my daughter to have small group instruction or one-on-one instruction often. My daughter has grown leaps and bounds academically this year. The teachers are great about communication and I can tell my daughter feels loved in the classroom. We love Trinity!”

“Trinity is exactly the environment we were seeking and more. The academic rigor is well worth the enriching rewards it yields. The Kindergarten teachers are exceptional and we had no reservations about entrusting them with our daughter. The levels of growth in our daughter, academically, emotionally, and spiritually have far exceeded our expectations, especially her love for and knowledge of our faith. Mostly, Trinity is a warm, inviting, close-knit family, founded upon, driven by, and embodying the love and example of Jesus. When we are at Trinity, we feel at home.”

“From my first interaction with Mrs. Eastman over the phone I was wowed! She was so kind and thorough, answering all my questions and inviting us in to see Trinity! When stopping into the school, I was unsure what to expect, Mrs. Moehrman the principal stopped everything she was doing to take me around to every classroom! This was no generic tour, it was warm, personal, and very informative! I left confident that Trinity was the place for our family. We continue to be impressed with the curriculum, the teachers, and the community!”

“Trinity is so special to us because it is a school that truly feels like a family. It is immediately obvious that kindness and caring are values upheld, not only by staff, but also by students. My daughter quickly knew kids in all other grade levels and has stories about how they were nice or helpful to her. This made our family feel so welcomed and a part of the Trinity family right away. My daughter has learned so much and is excited about all the different ways she learns in class. Her teacher really cares about who she is as a learner and individual child; and that is a great feeling to have as a parent of a kindergartener starting at a new school. We really love Trinity Catholic!”

“We have been part of the Trinity family for two years now and I can truly say that the school has lived up to every one of our expectations. When I think about how worried I was about my child heading into the Kindergarten year, to the feel of relief and happiness when I got an email AND a phone call letting me know how his first day was, I knew this was a special place. My son has thrived both socially and academically, and I attribute that to the teachings at Trinity Catholic. The classroom environment, the teachers, the activities, the education, the Church, is what makes this place special. Thank you, Trinity for making our experience so great and worthwhile for our family.”
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"It is a great joy to have my child participate in a school where Christian faith is truly a daily endeavor. The fact that academics are a priority is a well known fact. Our children learn not only school subjects, which are taught in an exemplary manner with the best teachers one can hope for. However, what cannot be advertised on any website, is what Trinity has done for our family during the hardest of times, for which we thank God. “Teaching As Our Lord, Jesus, did” is not only a phrase, but it is indeed the spirit that dominates this community of Saints-to-be here at Trinity. Our children come home excited and tell us how their teachers are trying so hard to become Saints. Children see sainthood at work through honoring, respecting, helping and praying for each other and for those around. May God bless this wonderful community filled with the most sincere and hard-working souls."~parent of a first grader

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"During our almost 10 years of having students attending Trinity, we have been consistently pleased by the outstanding teachers that our children have had. Our children have thrived in this challenging, yet supportive, environment."~parent of a seventh grader

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"We cannot say enough great things about Trinity! All the staff are warm and welcoming, and everything is well-organized throughout the school--all the way down to what days are uniform days, and what days are gym days and how to pay for lunches! Our daughter spent her K year at another school, and we were lucky to discover Trinity for her 1st grade year, and it's been the best experience for us. The school administration uses the resources wisely to offer extra tutoring for students who need it. Principal Silcott's many decades of experience shows in how well the school operates. We plan to make Trinity our school of choice for all our 3 kids!"~parents of a first grader

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As alumni of Trinity Catholic, we knew immediately where we would send our daughter when she began school. Trinity is not just a school, they are a community. They value the highest standards of education, but also value each student. I love that everyone knows and cheers students on by their name, we rally around each other in tough times, and we show respect to each individual. Faith is the heart of this school's curriculum and we couldn't be more satisfied with the results!~ Parents of a first grader

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Welcome to Trinity Catholic School!

We are very proud of our school, and we hope that this wonderful website helps to reflect why we think that this is a special place of learning,love and Christ centered education.
Every day that school is in session is an Open House for you to come visit and see for yourself why our school is a great place for children in grades K-8. Thank you for your interest in our school!
Our mission

Trinity Catholic School is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the Catholic faith within a challenging and supportive learning environment.


    2020-2021 IMPORTANT DATES: 
    August 31-September 4--Staggered Student Start 
    September 7--No School (Labor Day)
    September 8--First Day for all Students
    November 25-27--No School (Thanksgiving Break)
    December 21-January 3--No School (Christmas Break)
    January 18--No School (Martin Luther King Day)
    February 15--No School (President's Day)
    March 15-19--No School (Spring Break)
    April 1-5--No School (Easter Break)
    May 31--No School (Memorial Day)
    June 3--Eighth Grade Graduation
    June 4-- Last Day of School--1 pm Dismissal