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Financial Aid
St. Michael School asks parents to apply for diocesan tuition assistance first, so that diocesan funds may benefit our parents before we draw upon parish funds. This allows more funds to be available for everyone.  Thank you. 
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Due Date - March 15

Diocesan Tuition Assistance

What is diocesan tuition assistance?

Donors across the Diocese of Columbus have been generous in their gifts to tuition assistance funds. These funds are dispersed yearly to needy families through a distribution process that takes into account family need, total number of children applying for aid, and total amount of funds available that year. Families must apply each year for tuition assistance.

Who can apply for diocesan tuition assistance?

Families with children attending a Catholic elementary or a Catholic high school in the Diocese of Columbus may apply for diocesan tuition assistance. All diocesan tuition assistance applications are processed through FACTS.

How do families apply for diocesan tuition assistance?

Families interested in applying must apply online at FACTS Tuition Aid . Deadline for applying is March 15th. Contact your local school office for further information. Families must be registered in one of the diocesan schools by March 15.

Applicants should be aware that incomplete forms (lack of information, application fee, etc.) will hold up their application process

Families are notified by letter regarding their status. The diocesan decision is final. If the family chooses not to accept the award, it is returned to the diocese for further distribution.

All awards are based on financial NEED.

Local Parish/School Tuition Assistance

Who can apply for tuition assistance from their parish and/or school?

Many parishes, elementary and high schools have local tuition assistance applications and distribution processes. Some require FACTS application and others have a separate form and requirements. Interested families should contact their school office for more information. 
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