Special Projects & Events

Updated on Nov 13, 2019 06:28 PM by Strausbaugh, Victoria
Special Projects & Events

Kindergarten - Celebrate the love and meaning of Christmas, families and create wonderful memories.  Our kindergarteners will gather with their families and classmates to kick-off our Christmas break by sharing in a special school breakfast and holiday sing-along.

Advent Program (Grades Preschool-3) - Celebrate the Advent Season with singing songs about the Birthday of Jesus. There are two performances, one during the day for the whole school and one for the families in the evening.

First Grade Bible Play (Grade 1) - The first graders will share their love of the Lord and some the wonderful things they have learned about Jesus this year in a musical adventure about loving and following Jesus.

Saint Day (Grade 2) - Each second grader selects a saint to research. Then, the student writes a brief report and dresses in costume as their chosen saint. Our second grade saints progress into church before an all-school mass that is followed by a presentation reception sharing the lives of the saints with parents and grandparents.

Biography Day (Grade 3) - Appreciation of the great men and women who have shaped our world come alive in costume and share their life story during an afternoon presentation to family and friends.

State Day (Grade 4) - “Fifty Nifty United States” lyrics ring throughout the halls as our fourth graders collectively learn all fifty states by each students’ accountability to research a specific state and present its unique history, famous people, exciting places to visit, geography and climate and products and resources. Presentations are provided in costume as a representative of the state. Each student creates a presentation board and shares a special “state” food.

Poetry Night (Grade 5) - Snapping is the NEW Clapping at Poetry Night! Our fifth graders team up into small groups and provide an evening of an oral poetry presentation reciting published and original selections.

D.A.R.E. Program (Grade 5) - Upper Arlington Police Department collaborates with our fifth graders in “how to say no to drugs and peer pressure” through the program D rug A buse R esistance E ducation. Students work in small groups to research drug side effects and in recognizing unhealthy choices regarding friend groups. Parents are invited to D.A.R.E. Graduation to enjoy an evening of skits and posters of Living, Learning, Thriving a responsible lifestyle.

Shakespeare Week (Grade 6) - Our sixth graders participate in a unit of William Shakespeare. They learn about his life and the culture and times of Elizabethan England. They study some of his works and learn how to perform famous play scenes with proper articulation, pronunciation, and purpose. The scenes are videotaped and viewed by the sixth graders to critique and enhance public speaking skills.

Science Fair (Grade 7) - Our seventh graders become expert scientists solving an experiment of their choice following each step of the scientific method. After research and testing, the seventh graders present their outcome to a team of local judges to achieve an opportunity to participate in District Science Fair and then State Science Fair. Saint Agatha students have an outstanding record of achieving State recognition annually.

History Day (Grade 8) - This is a national program that our eighth graders embrace with a new theme presented every year. In conjunction with the annual eighth grade trip to Washington D.C., our students explore, research and become the experts of their individual or group project to present on a local level that may achieve an opportunity to compete at District and State competitions. We are so proud of the annual number of students at Saint Agatha who achieve State recognition, along with those who have competed at the National level.

All Art Day (All School) - Saint Agatha School embraces the world of ART with local artists who share their craft and talent in fine artwork and music. This event provides all students the opportunity to work “hands on” with a variety of art mediums and musical genres.

Fitness Friday (All School) - This is an all school fun-filled day learning to stay-fit, eat right, and make healthy choices with professional advice from local coaches and healthcare professionals. Our honored guests get the students moving and grooving with basic sport skills and taking accountability of a balanced diet and personal hygiene.

Buddy Program - Saint Agatha students learn in early kindergarten the mortar of the Catholic faith which equals the love we have in our relationships with Jesus. We pair kindergarten with third grade students, first grade with seventh grade, and second grade with eighth grade students. The students share Mass together and structured events throughout the year. The mentoring and fellowship each pair of students’ experiences fosters leadership and enriches love of God.