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Birthday Books

Updated on Aug 17, 2017 10:23 AM by Hughes, Carolyn

Celebrate your birthday with a book for the library!

Our Birthday Book program has helped us to add hundreds of books to our library over the years. It is an important part of keeping our costs down and our library shelves fresh and interesting.

What to do:

If you would like to honor your child with a Birthday Book, here is what to do. Place a check made to St. Cecilia School or cash (suggested donation $10.00-20.00) into an envelope. On the outside of the envelope, write “Library Birthday Books”, and your child’s name and birthday. Send the envelope to school with your child and remind him or her to give it to the office. That’s it!

And then:

I will invite your child to the library to choose a new book. The birthday boy or girl will be the first child to take home the new book before it is placed on the library shelves for everyone to check out. I will place a sticker with the child’s name and birthday inside the book so everyone knows who donated it. I also enter the child’s name into the computer system as part of the description of the book. The students enjoying searching for their past birthday books in the computer catalog, and they love to open a book and see their donation sticker inside.


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