Standardized Testing

Updated on Jul 06, 2017 11:25 AM
ACRE Test Results
Since the late 1970's NCEA has offered assessment instruments designed to strengthen catechetical and religious education programs. The Information for Growth Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education (IFG: ACRE for students) helps school, parish and diocesan leaders evaluate the faith knowledge and attitudes of students in Catholic schools and parish-based religious education programs.

The ACRE test is administered to students in grades 5 and 8:

  • The acronym stands for Assessment of Catechesis Religious Education.

  • This test is published by the NCEA (National Catholic Educational Association).

  • The NCEA ACRE is an assessment based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the most recent catechetical documents.

  • The purpose of the NCEA ACRE is to evaluate the effectiveness of a religion program. The printed curriculum communicated during a teaching-learning session and the formative experiences in and with the faith community, for example, Sunday Liturgy.

  STAR - Reading STAR - Math Terra Nova ACRE
WHEN ADMINISTERED Quarterly Quarterly First Quarter Third Quarter
GRADES First - Eight First - Eight Third - Eight Five and Eight
SUBJECT COVERED Reading Math Language Arts, Math and Science Religion
PURPOSE Technology based assessment test that determines reading level for each student, monitors progress and sets goals. Technology based assessment test that provides teachers interim data to determine individual needs and goals, monitor progress and mastery. Written assessment that determines level and mastery of each core subject per grade. Math scores 90 percent or higher in seventh grade will determine if students will be eligible to take Algebra I in Grade 8. ACRE -Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education is administered to 5th and 8th grade students to determine faith knowledge.
OUR DIFFERENCE Due to our parents and staff consistently working together, one of our greatest strengths is our literacy achievements. Our large library is well stocked with classic and modern books to hold the interest of all our students. Saint Agatha offers intervention specialists assistance and speech-language pathology for students K-8 who need more attention to reach their reading goals. We provide the technology and classroom time for each student to participate and achieve mastery level. Saint Agatha students perform consistently well, typically scoring higher than the Columbus Diocese and Upper Arlington City Schools. Saint Agatha students consistently score high on the ACRE. Family and fellowship are the solid foundation on which our religious education is built.