Guidelines for Admissions

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Guidelines for Admissions


Students admitted to kindergarten must have attained age five (5) by the 30th day of September of the current school year. 

Students admitted to the first grade must have attained the age of six (6) years by the 30th day of September of the current school year. In addition, the student must have attended an accredited kindergarten.

All students must comply with current Ohio immunization and health requirements prior to enrollment.

We are honored to be Upper Arlington’s first Catholic school. For the past 75 years, we have educated thousands of students within our parish boundaries. Saint Agatha School welcomes all children under the following circumstances:

In the acceptance of students to elementary schools, the priority shall be as follows:

1. Children of active, participating and contributing families registered in Saint Agatha Parish

a. children with siblings currently/previously enrolled

b. children now reaching school age

            c. children from families new ly moved into the Parish whose children were enrolled in Catholic schools where such were available

2. Children transferring from other Catholic schools and/or parishes:

a. from schools that are closing

b. from parishes not offering full K-8 programs

c. schools with a waiting list

3. Children of non-participating/non-Catholic families

a. with siblings currently/previously enrolled in Saint Agatha School

b. new to Saint Agatha School

Kindergarten cannot exceed an enrollment of twenty-five (25) students per class, except with special permission from the Superintendent of Schools. Grades one through eight do not exceed an enrollment of thirty-five (35) students per class. Should more students apply than space is available, the students will be placed on a waitlist. A minimum of 15 waitlisted students is required to open another class.