Faculty & Staff

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Faculty & Staff

Saint Agatha School has 15 full time teachers, 3 part time teachers, and 6 teacher aides. The majority of our faculty and administration have at least 15 years teaching experience and a master’s degree. Our teacher aides all have education degrees and experience.


Father Dan Ochs Pastor

Mrs. Luna Alsharaiha Principal

Mrs. Teresa Whitman Assistant to the Principal

Ms. Keri McClintic Kindergarten

Mrs. Gaffney  Kindergarten

Mrs. Donna Bovitz Grade 1

Mrs. Laura McGraw Grade 1 Aide

Mrs. Jericho Wagenbrenner - Grade 2

Mrs. Betsy Ireson -  Grade 2 Aide

Mrs. Kelly Eldred Grade 3

Mrs. Kristin Ray Grade 3 Aide

Ms. Veronica Stemen Grades 4th and 5th Language Arts and Science

Mrs. Molly Ghiloni Grades 4th and 5th Math/Social Studies/Religion

Mr. David Hughes Grade 6,7,8 Science and grade 6 social studies

Mrs. Patrice McCarron Grades 6, Language Arts and K-8 Literacy

Mrs. Teresa Whitman Grade 8 Religion/Guidance Counselor

Mr. Nicholas Moore Grades 7,8 Social Studies, Technology Teacher grades K-8

Mrs. Lori Valachovic Grades 6-8 Math/Algebra I

Mrs. Alison Adamsky - Grades 7, 8 Language Arts, Grades 6,7 Religion

Mrs. Ann Carroll Grades K-8 Art

Miss Kelsey Fulmer Grades - K-8 Music

Senora Mari Guernica Spanish - Grades K-8

Ms. Ann Connon Latin

Mrs. Vicki Strausbaugh Secretary

Mrs. Natalie Helphrey - Secretary

Mrs. Debbie Hall -  Cafeteria Manager

Mr. Dave Roby -  Maintenance Manager


RELIGIOUS EDUCATION - (614) 488-4975

Mrs. Jeannie Altiero Director

CHILDCARE PROGRAM - (614) 488-3322

Mrs. Patty McClintic -  Director



Mrs. Julia Redmond -  School Nurse (8:45 am - 2:30 pm) - (614) 545-6812

Mrs. Linda Evans -  Intervention Specialist Coordinator

Ms. Britney Hauser Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Nichole Bauers Speech/Language Therapist (Tuesday and Friday)