Faculty & Staff

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Faculty & Staff

Saint Agatha School has 18 full time teachers, 3 part time teachers, 4 Intervention Specialists, and 2 teacher aides. The majority of our faculty and administration have at least 15 years teaching experience and a master’s degree. Our teacher aides all have education degrees and experience.

Title Name Email
Pastor Fr. Mark Summers
Principal Mrs. Luna Alsharaiha lalshara@cdeducation.org
Assistant to the Principal Mrs. Tee Whitman twhitman@cdeducation.org
Secretary Mrs. Natalie Helphrey nhelphrey@cdeducation.org
Secretary Mrs. Victoria Strausbaugh vstraus@cdeducation.org
Preschool Mrs. Chelsea DePassio cdepassio@cdeducation.org
Kindergarten Miss Erin Adams eadams@cdeducation.org
Kindergarten Miss Kelsey Fisher kfisher@cdeducation.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Kelsey Gaffney kgaffney@cdeducation.org
Kindergarten Miss Keri McClintic kmcclintic@cdeducation.org
1st Grade Mrs. Donna Bovitz dbovitz@cdeducation.org
1st Grade Aide Mrs. Laura McGraw lmcgraw@cdeducation.org
2nd Grade Mrs. Jericho Wagenbrenner jwagenbrenner@cdeducation.org
2nd Grade Aide Mrs. Betsy Ireson bireson@cdeducation.org
3rd Grade Mrs. Kelly Eldred keldred@cdeducation.org
3rd Grade Miss Abbey Janes ajanes@cdeducation.org
4th Grade Mrs. Lori Schnegg lschnegg1@cdeducation.org
4th Grade Mrs. Veronica Stemen vstemen@cdeducation.org
5th Grade Mrs. Molly Ghiloni mghiloni@cdeducation.org
5th Grade Miss Carlee Merklin cmerklin@cdeducation.org
6th Grade Mr. David Hughes dhughes@cdeducation.org
7th Grade Mr. Nick Moore nmoore@cdeducation.org
8th Grade Mrs. Alison Adamsky aadamsky@cdeducation.org
Tech Coordinator /6th & 7th Math Mrs. Erica Gowitzka egowitzka@cdeducation.org
Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry Mrs. Lori Valachovic lvalachovic@cdeducation.org
Latin Mrs. Anne Connon aconnon@cdeducation.org
Spanish Mrs. Mari Guernica mguernica@cdeducation.org
Music Mrs. Kelsey Fulmer kfulmer@cdeducation.org
Intervention Specialist Coordinator Mrs. Linda Evans levans1@cdeducation.org
Intervention Specialist Mrs. Britney Merrill bmerrill@cdeducation.org
Intervention Mrs. Maggie Roth mroth@cdeducation.org
Speech/Language Therapist Mrs. Nichole Bauers nbauers@uaschools.org
Cafeteria Mrs. Debbie Hall dhall1@cdeducation.org
Maintenance Mr. Dave Roby droby@cdeducation.org
Nurse- (614) 545-6812 Mrs. Julia Redmond jredmond@uaschools.org
Religious Education Mrs. Michelle Shea michelle.shea@st-agatha.org
(614) 488-4975
Childcare Program Mrs. Patty McClintic pmcclintic@cdeducation.org
(614) 488-3322