Parent Involvement

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The School Advisory Board (“School Board”) functions as an advisory board whose purpose is to develop and define the policies that govern the operation of the school. Its primary concern is the intellectual and spiritual development of the students. The School Board consists of the Pastor, the School Principal, Home & School Association President, Past School Board President, and nine elected members whose children attend Saint Agatha School or are registered parishioners of Saint Agatha Church. New members are nominated in the Spring and approved by the school board. Three members are elected each year for a three-year term. Open meetings are conducted the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M. in the school library. There is no meeting in July. Parents are encouraged to attend any regularly scheduled meeting of the School Board. In order to be on the agenda, non-members requesting to address the School Board must submit a request to speak in writing at least seven (7) days in advance of the Board meeting. In urgent situations, this seven (7) day written requirement could be waived by majority vote of the School Board. Specially called meetings may not be open to the public.

The School Board includes the following five regular committees: Academic, Planning and Development, Marketing and Public Relations, Finance, and Policies & Regulations. A School Board member chairs each of these committees. Ad hoc committees such as Technology and School Climate have been formed. The School Board welcomes and encourages interested parents to participate. The School Board Vice President is the facilitator of the Strategic Plan, written and coordinated by the School Board with parish and school stakeholders, ensuring the plan’s ongoing progress. There are three strategic plan committees: Catholic Identity; Enrollment; and Technology & Development.


The purpose of the Home & School Association is to encourage communication and mutual assistance among the School, the Church and the home, to provide programs to promote child welfare, and to raise funds for financing school improvements and programs.

The publication of the Saint Agatha School Handbook is made possible through the generosity of the Home & School Association. Its purpose is to help parents understand what is being done at Saint Agatha to enable our young people to attain the best possible Catholic education.

All parents of children attending Saint Agatha are encouraged to participate actively in the Home & School Association. Annual dues are $35.00 per family. You will receive a complimentary school calendar with payment of dues.



Volunteers Parents are welcome to volunteer in a variety of ways at Saint Agatha School. Pursuant to Section 109.575 of the Ohio Revised Code, all volunteers who have care, custody and control of students must have on file a current Bureau of Criminal Investigation criminal background check and the Diocese requires that volunteers must attend the “Protecting God’s Children” workshop. To get more information and to register for this training at any parish in the Columbus Diocese, please visit, click on “Registration,” select “Diocese of Columbus” as your organization, click “I would like to attend a Protecting God’s Children Session,” complete the form for location, then submit. All parents are expected to volunteer at least once in the cafeteria (11:00-12:30) and once during recess (11:30- 12:40) per child (gr.1-8) annually. Volunteers will sign up for their time on SchoolSpeak Parents are asked to drive and chaperone field trips. A volunteer driver form must be completed and on file in the school office each year. The website for the Columbus Diocese contains a Code of Conduct for Volunteers including the following: Volunteers faithfully represent and practice the teachings of the Catholic Church with integrity in word and action. Volunteers respect confidentiality. Volunteers support the rights and roles of parents while ministering to the needs and concerns of minors. Volunteers are aware of and comply with all applicable Parish, organizational and/or Diocesan policies with special attention to sexual misconduct, safety, transportation, parental permission, and medical emergency policies. Unless otherwise expressly permitted, the possession or consumption of alcohol shall not be allowed at any school sponsored event held on or off of Saint Agatha property. School Sponsored events shall include all sports activities, fundraising events, or any other type of event held in connection with Saint Agatha School. In such cases where there are School Sponsored events where the possession and consumption of alcohol is permitted, Saint Agatha’s alcohol policy shall be consistent with that of the state law of Ohio.