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 We are a school of the Diocese of Columbus.  Please visit the Department of Education for more information about the schools in the Diocese.

Trinity Catholic School History and Time Line

 Trinity Catholic School has a rich and vibrant history.  Today our walls showcase photos of students and classes that date back our beginnings in the 1920's.  The photos illustrate well this history and time line.  We hope you will visit us soon.
  Several area private and parochial schools also played a role in the overall educational system in Grandview and Marble Cliff. The railroad and the street car line made downtown relatively accessible, and as more well-to-do families chose to build in the area, some sent their children to private and church-related schools in Columbus. Some founders of Columbus Academy, for instance, were residents of this area. Our Lady of Victory Academy opened September 22, 1922 with 51 girls at the church on Roxbury. Classes were originally held in the convent, and were taught by three Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Kentucky. The children of Saint Margaret of Cortona first began attending OLV in 1948, when Monsignor Thomas A. Nolan, pastor of Our Lady of Victory Church, welcomed them to the parish school.

  By 1923, a 7th grade was added to the elementary classes that already existed, and enrollment was 70 students. Enrollment was not limited to Catholic families but was open to all families in the area. A new school building, which housed a new co-ed high school was added in 1930, and by 1936 total enrollment had grown to 328 students. The Academy was co-ed until about 1945, when the boys' program was discontinued because of a lack of athletic facilities. The high school closed in 1963 and the elementary school closed in 1977. In 1947, Saint Christopher Church, which serves residents east of Ashland Avenue, was founded and its school opened in 1948. Starting with the 1979-80 school year, the parishes of Saint Margaret, Our Lady of Victory and Saint Christopher combined enrollments under the name of Trinity School.  All the grades have been located at Trinity School, the former Saint Christopher School, at 1381 Ida Ave., the corner of Ida Avenue and Grandview Avenue. Residents of this area since the 1950s have sent their high school age students to Bishop Watterson High School and later to Bishop Ready High School.

 Time Line

1921   Bishop Hartley allows a chapel, which became a mission church, to be built on Trabue Road.  The mission church became Saint Margaret of Cortona Church.  Religious classes were taught by Sisters of Saint Francis of Stella Niagara, NY.

1922   Our Lady of Victory, the “mother parish” of the northwest vicariate is established, by Bishop Hartley. In September, Victory Academy was opened. The teachers were the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Ky.  Sister Mary Anastasia was the first principal.

1948   Saint Christopher Church and School are open. Both are located at 1381 Ida Ave.  A one story building housed a small church area and classrooms. Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur educated the students.

1951   Second floor classrooms are added to Saint Christopher School.

1972   Timothy Luckhaupt named principal for Our Lady of Victory School and Saint Christopher School.

1973   Trinity Middle School is established for 6th, 7th & 8th graders. Children belong to Our Lady of Victory, Saint Christopher and Saint Margaret of Cortona parishes. Classes met on the 2nd floor of Our Lady of Victory School.

1975   Our Lady of Victory School and Saint Christopher School have Kindergarten through 5th grade consolidated by the diocese, Trinity Elementary School is established. Sister Helen Welch, formerly of Saint Christopher School, is named principal. Classes are held at 1381 Ida Avenue.

1979   Trinity Catholic School is established through the consolidation of Our Lady of Victory School and Saint Christopher School. Kindergarten through 8th grade classes are held at the former Saint Christopher School at 1381 Ida Avenue.

1980   William Weisner is named principal of Trinity Catholic School.

1982   Sister Betty Ridgeway is named principal of Trinity Catholic School.

1990   Diane Hayhurst is named principal of Trinity Catholic School.

2003   Raenita Kownacki is named principal of Trinity Catholic School.

2008   Jeffrey Grimmett is named principal of Trinity Catholic School.

2011   Jim Silcott named principal of Trinity Catholic.

2017   Kimber Moehrman is named principal of Trinity Catholic.
* Trinity Catholic School has 171 students enrolled in grades K-8 as of October 31, 2017.